Our business acumen is to provide the highest quality of technical support and service for all our
customers and client base.

Installations – Workshop and on-site
We carry out installation of radio communications equipment and other associated items at our
premises on White Avenue, at your workshop or in the field – where ever you are. Our installation
expertise extends to:
- Vehicles
- Trucks
- Road Plant
- Forestry Machines
- Mill sites
- Workshops 

Workshop Repairs
Within our comprehensive technical workshop we provide repairs and servicing for:
- Radio communications equipment.
- General industrial electronics equipment.

State and National Network support
We are contracted to a number of State and National organisations providing network infrastructure
installation and maintenance services.

Emergency Services support
Our Accredited Technicians provide communications installation and support services for the
emergency services agencies located in South Australia and Victoria.

Mast / Tower services
We provide maintenance and repair support for mast and tower mounted communications

Remote Area work
Travelling to the far corners of the state of South Australia and into Queensland, we provide radio
communications support for remote communities and Cattle & Sheep stations. This includes the
installation and routine servicing of remote hilltop repeaters that also provides radio coverage on
the UHF band for the travelling public venturing out into the great Australian Outback.

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Outback Repeater
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Havester Installation
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