Gambier Electronics provides a range of options for Radio Communications solutions for
clients in the Forestry, Transportation and Support services industries operating across the
southeast of South Australia and western districts of Victoria.

VHF Mid-band – Analogue wide area coverage
We own and operate a number of sites providing stand-alone wide area shared repeater
coverage that can be accessed from Mount Gambier. These repeaters provide analogue
voice communications for individual fleets of mobile radios throughout the coverage area.

VHF Hi-band – Digital trunked network
Our Digital Network operates as a trunked system that dynamically links all repeater sites
via a microwave data network, providing wide area communications across the whole
This technology allows multiple users (or talk groups) to share site repeater infrastructure
for simultaneous voice communications. Our system is readily expandable to meet a
growing client user base.
The Gambier Electronics digital network operates on the VHF hi-band frequency band,
providing maximum area coverage.

Our Network repeater sites:
- The Bluff, via Glencoe
- Jones Ridge, via Dartmoor
- Mt Clay, via Portland
- Mt Graham, via Mt Burr
- Dorodong, via Coonawarra

Our Digital Network provides the following key features:
- Auto mobile radio roaming over the network (similar to a mobile phone). No need to
select which channel to use; the system manages this function, improving
driver/operator safety.
- Clearer voice communications.
- Auto Radio log-on and PTT identification.
- Mobile out-of- range indication.
- GPS Tracking, including Geo-fencing, speed alerts.
- Emergency call facility.
- Lone Worker Monitoring.

Client owned systems
We host and manage client owned private radio systems on all our hilltop repeater sites and
other sites where required.
We can engineer and tailor a system that suits your individual needs.

On-Campus Systems
We specialise in custom made on-campus radio systems for Mill sites, Manufacturing Plants
and Processing Plants. This improves productivity and safety around busy industrial
Contact us to discuss your Radio Communications requirements.

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