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Radio Systems

At Gambier Electronics, we understand that your priority is reliable communications.

For this reason, we have established radio sites, which provide communications over the southeast of SA and Western VIC.

All sites are mains powered; with three sites having our own community repeaters where customers rent airtime, avoiding costly capital outlay for base stations.

This is particularly appealing to the small fleet user/ small business that need communications over a large area. These facilities are available for individual user equipment or we can offer wide area communications solutions.

Southeast SA and western VIC do NOT have complete cellphone coverage in and around the forest plantations.

Our specialist staff can provide you with a high quality solution to a broad array of products, while our qualified technicians ensure that you receive the best available after sales, and preventive maintenance service.

The technicians are accredited warranty repair and service agents for, but not restricted to:

Motorola HF Radio

GME Remote are radio

RFI Radio and solar


Codan HF Radio


Base StationBase Station Mobile Command VehicleMobile Command Vehicle VHF Repeater StationVHF Repeater Station Kenworth Truck InstallationKenworth Truck Mobile view from 80mtr towerTower Maint @ 80mtrs

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